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2017 Fishing Report

We report each and every fishing trip, not just the days when we get lucky.

One of our regular Customers just donated a free trip to any active duty military service person or majority disabled veteran. First come first serve! Thank you Andy B. And thank you troops!

August 18 - Flat flat flat water today and perfect 69 degree weather. The fishing was off the hook too with limits+ for all six of BIG olive, blue, copper, brown and 11 red pacific snapper and seven keeper lingcod.

August 17 - Flat like a bathtub water today and air temp around 61 to start and came back to 72 degrees. Ran out to some testing grounds and came home with BIG petrale sole, copper, canary, greenspot and brown pacific snapper and some of our biggest lingcod of the season.

August 16 - Flat calm water today and started out 60 degree air temp and ended 72. Whales by the boat, BIG dolphins even a great white shark buzzed by us. Limits of quality blue, canary, brown, olive, china and red pacific snapper and seven lingcod!

August 13 - Great Jurassic Park trip today with limits of lingcod and pacific snapper (rockcod) for all six plus crew fish. Weather was perfect from a 56 degree morning to a nice 73 degree afternoon.

August 12 - A bit of wind today so we elected to stay closer to Santa Cruz rather than go all the way to Jurassic Park. Good choice too. We hammered out limits of quality copper, canary, brown, olive, blue, black and red pacific snapper and some really nice lingcod. Wale won the $200 jackpot with a 16 pound lingcod.

August 11 - Another great day onthe water with air temp around 60 and bait all around. Five+ limits of quality pacific snapper.

August 10 - Nice quality fish today and came in early!

August 9 - Nice flat calm water this morning and after jigging up our live bait we headed out to see how many different fish we could land. We got into king salmon (released), petrale sole, various rockcod, lingcod (released all but one) and halibut (released). Hard busy fun and accomplished our goal.

August 8 - The fishing was on fire this afternoon! We got into a nice school of big reds, canaries, blues and olive pacific snapper.

August 7 - The fishing was a little tougher today. We had to hunt around for them, and sort through a whole lot of smalls, but evetually we filled the box with five and a half limits and some lingcod!

August 6 - We still had a little bit of a south swell to fish through today, which kept the rockfish bite on its knees for most of the day until we got a little wind in the afternoon giving us a wide open bite. Limits of rockfish for everyone!

August 5 - The rockfish was a little bit slower today. We had a little wind and mixed swell, and never saw a wide open bite, just a steady pick all day. But by the end of the trip we still managed to come home with six quality limits of rockfish, as expected!

August 4 - Flat calm waters again today. We've been jigging up good sized anchovies in the mornings for bait, which put a good number of vermillion and large blues on the boat today. The bite was steady all day and by noon we had everyones limit of rockfish on the boat.

August 3 - Flat as a pancake water and zero wind with 65 degree air temp. About as good as it gets especially when we got BIG copper, canary, brown and red pacific snapper and some really nice lingcod.

August 2 - The water was flat calm and the fishing was off the hook. The family visiting from the east coast had a great time bringing in 65 pacific snapper and a nice lingcod.

August 1 - Lots of fog today and a south swell and current so it was a little more difficult to get limits but we did it. Probably caught more that 200 fish to get to our limit of 60 pacific snapper plus lingcod. The four kids, dad and grandpa sure got a good workout today.

July 31 - Another great day fishing and perfect water with an occasional whale show. Lots of big fish today including lingcod, copper, canary, olive, brown and red pacific snapper.

July 30 Afternoon trip - Water was still flat calm and no wind and the fish were hungry! Limits are the norm!

July 30 Morning trip - Real nice flat calm water with three parties of fathers and sons. What a treat. The kids went wild on the fish and each one brought in lingcod and limits of olive, blue, copper and red pacific snapper.

July 29 - Perfect fishing day again. Whale came right off the stern of our boat. Plenty of copper, canary, brown, olive, and red pacific snapper and lingcod to 13 pounds. Live bait is the ticket!

July 27 - As good as it gets. Big fish and plenty of them. Good whale show too.

July 26 - Wow, the water has been perfectly flat as glass calm and the fish have been heappy to bite. Lot's of whales today too. Using live anchovies we nailed nice cooper, brown, green spot, starry, canary and red pacific snapper and really nice lingcod.

July 25 - Water is still flat calm and real nice to fish on. The fish were a little turned off today from the south swell so we had to hunt around for a few miles before we found some fish that would cooperate. We did real good with coppers, canaries, browns, olives and red pacific snapper and some real nice lingcod.

July 24 - Probably the flatest water we've seen this year and the fishing was outstanding. Our party of four got back from Hawaii 9PM last night from a baseball competition so needless to say the 16 year-old and 14 year-old were a little slow at the start. Catching well over 100 fish was a cure for their sleepiness. They boated seven lingcod (only kept three) and limits of quality blue and olive pacific snapper.

July 23 Afternoon trip - Picked up where we left off this morning and the fish were still on a wide open bite!

July 23 Morning trip - A nice leisurely day and flat as a pancake water. Fishing was wide open.

July 22 - Great fishing today and lots of laughs bringing home limits of quality pacific snapper and a lingcod and a halibut.

July 21 - Another clear day and good fishing. A bit of a South swell with an East wind and East current so it was a bit bumpy today till about 10am then things really started getting nice and the fish started a better bite. Limits of nice blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper, lingcod and a fat salmon that we naturally released (out of season).

July 20 - A picture perfect day today with flat calm seas and a cool 65 degrees. The fish were waiting for us and as soon as we dropped our lines in we were getting hit with limits of BIG blue, olive, canary and red pacific snapper and three keeper lingcod. Also caught and released a nice FAT salmon.

July 19 - What a day. Perfect weather and a good variety of fishing. Our party from Arkansas got to see all kinds of wildlife and caught (and released) four halibut, one 20+ pound salmon, a lingcod and some BIG rockcod. They kept some of the rockcod for a local resturant to cook up lunch.

July 18 Afternoon trip - A bit windy but that didn't deter our group from holding on and fishing through it. They nailed half limits of big blues, olive and black pacific snapper. Temp around 64 degrees with a stiff wind.

July 18 Morning trip - Good to be back from a mini vacation and the fish were waiting for us. We nailed the olive, blue, canary, brown pacific snapper this morning. Air temp 61 degrees. In case anyone wonders where we wandered off to... Greg and Lola went to Tahoe and announced their engagement and I surprised my 80 year-old dad at his birthday party in Mission Viejo. Congrats Greg and Lola!

July 15 - We've caught some monsters within the last week including a 33.6 pound halibut and a 32 pound salmon. Wonder what's next? MEGABITE starts fishing again Tuesday when Greg and I get back from our vacations.

July 14 Afternoon trip - Jigged up more live bait then headed out to South Rock for some snapper. Wind was up. Pulled the plug early to find solid land (if you know what I mean).

July 14 Morning trip - Great weather and water today and great fishing too. Jigged up our live bait then headed up the coast for some copper, olive, blue, black and red pacific snapper and a 33.6 pound monster halibut!

July 13 - Salmon fishing again and the fish were a little late to bite so we decided to run in closer for snapper. Brought home nice blue, black and olive pacific snapper and a ten pound lingcod caught by eleven year-old Youseff of Santa Clara.

July 12 - Ran back out for salmon and right away found fish. We needed fish for the fryer too so the decision was made to fish nearshore for some snapper. Came in with both snapper and salmon!

July 11 - Fish have tails. In other words, the school we did so well with yesterday has moved. Unfortunately we didn't learn where they went until we already got back to the dock. We did manage to bring home one salmon and one nice halibut.

July 10 - Awesome fishing and weather today with limits of salmon for everyone!

July 9 - Decided to go for it (salmon) today and glad we did. Weather started out lumpy then flattened out for a few hours until it blew us off the water. Great fishing today with 5 hookups. One short fish, one no-show and three nice salmon including a pair of 17.5 pound twins to take home.

July 8 - Because of the potential for high winds again we opted for fishing nearshore rockcod instead of salmon. We found plenty of fish and after catching well over 100 fish only kept the best 60 olive, blue, black and red pacific snappers.

July 7 - Sunny but windy and big seas today made fishing difficult. We hooked up on some nice fish but could only get a couple in the boat and one was short.

July 6 - Started out flat seas with fog and ended with sunny and windy. Trolled around all morning for one shorty, one that got away and one BIG salmon about 27 pounds. Even trolled up three lingcod!

July 3 Afternoon trip - The weather and water remained perfect and the bite started out really good! We had some nice live anchovies today. Ended up early with quality blues, blacks, lingcod and red pacific snapper and a BIG salmon. Way to go 15 year-old Dakota Redfern of Auburn for bringing in our biggest salmon (32 pounds) of the season.

July 3 Morning trip - Water was perfect but the fishing started out slow. After trying a half dozen spots we finally found the right one and the bite was on. Limits of quality blues, blacks, canaries, coppers and red pacific snapper and five lingcod. We are now using live bait.

July 2 - Another salmon trip again and the fish were ready to bite! Hooked into four king salmon and kept the three biggest. Also brought home three horse mackerel to four pounds which we are told taste like yellowtail (hamachi)!

July 1 - Weather was too ugly to make the JURASSIC PARK trip today so we stayed local and did great with limits of quality blue, black (to five pounds), olive, copper and red pacific snapper. Giving salmon another try tomorrow. The salmon are in town!

June 30 - Well, it's been some time since we've actually gone for salmon and today we were rewarded with three salmon to 24 pounds and... 16 Horse Mackerel. This is a tuna species that just came in the bay and I heard they taste just like yellotail (hamachi). Good size too ranging from three to five pounds and put up a great fight.

June 28 Afternoon trip - As expected the wind came up and the bite went on big time for 3/4 limits of big black, olive, blue and red pacific snapper and one lingcod. These afternoon trips have really been productive!

June 28 Morning trip - Flat as a pancake water and the fish were on the bite! Early limits of quality pacific snapper and one lingcod.

June 27 - Great day of fishing. Came home with limits of quality snapper.

June 26 Afternoon trip - Wind came up right on schedule and the fish started biting right away. Got some really nice olive, blue, black and red pacific snapper, greenling and a nice lingcod.

June 26 Morning trip - Really flat calm water this morning. We were supposed to go for salmon but salmon catching has been slow so we opted to fish nearshore for rockcod and monitor the radio for signs of salmon hookups. Good thing too. We nailed BIG coppers, lingcod, canary and red pacific snapper and even got to hang around a great white shark for about five minutes.

June 25 Afternoon trip - Wind came up as expected and the nearshore bite was great. We drifted through big schools of fish and caught well over a 100 fish but only kept about 60 quality olive, blue and black pacific snapper.

June 25 Morning trip - Flat as a pancake water and sunny weather. Our team of youngsters (ages 8 to 11) went to town entertaining grandpa and great grandpa with non-stop catching of over 150 fish but only kept about 60 of quality blue, olive and black rockcod (pacific snapper) and one nice lingcod.

June 24 Afternoon trip - Wind was up so we kept close to land and the fishing was off the hook! Caught well over 130 fish but only kept 65 pick of the litter of quality olive, blue and black pacific snapper.

June 24 Morning trip - Started with calm seas and no breeze, all we needed was fish. We fished hard for little results until 11:00 when the wind picked up and the fish woke up. We finished with 51 rock cod for six happy fishermen.

June 23 - Water was a bit confused today (small waves from different directions) which made it a wee bit uncomfortable but that didn't bother the fish from biting. BIG copper, canary, blue, olive, greenspot, boccacio and red pacific snapper.

June 22 - Perfect fishing conditions and a nice cool 65 degrees air temp. Had a blast hooking fish today and even got to see a couple nice BIG fish and a whale. Limits again!

June 21 - Water was a little bumpy most of the morning and a bit of fog rolled in but our group stuck to their guns and fished hard for limits of quality blue, olive, black, brown and red pacific snapper.

June 20 - Very nice day on the water and the fish were glad to see us. We caught well over 100 fish but only kept 50 blue, black, and olive pacific snapper and one lingcod.

June 18 - Gorgeous weather today with flat calm seas. Fish were a little finicky at first then after an hour or so the bite turned on big time. Limits for all of olive, copper and canary pacific snapper and lingcod to 20 pounds.

June 17 - Great water this morning and fish were biting throughout the day. Ended up with limits of quality blue, olive, and brown pacific snapper and one big blue lingcod.

June 16 Afternoon trip - We expected a bit of wind but we were pleasantly surprised it laid down for us so we ran out to the bigger fish grounds. We started bringing in fish from the get go and it didn't stop until limits of quality brown, copper, olive, blue and red pacific snapper. Great afternoon bite.

June 16 Morning trip - Beautiful day on the water today and fantastic bite after the two hour wait. Big fish too. Limits of olive, brown, copper, black, blue and red pacific snapper and one lingod.

June 15 Afternoon trip - Great afternoon of catching snapper with three pacific red snapper going six pounds each! Weather and water were perfect.

June 15 Morning trip - Water was flat as a pancake and the fish were on fire! Limits of pacific snapper including the $100 jackpot seven pound pacific red snapper.

June 14 Afternoon trip - Another perfect fishing trip with limits for all of big pacific snapper!

June 14 Morning trip - Wonderful day fishing and pacific snapper limits for all!

June 12 - Still no word on any local salmon so we opted for snapper fishing. There was a lot of fish caught today but we only kept 50+ of olive, blue, black pacific snapper and greenling.

June 11 - Decided to fish locally nearshore today and skip salmon until we hear if the bite picks up. Good move too. Five limits of quality blue, black, olive, brown and red pacific snapper. Water and wind got pretty big around 11am.

June 10 - Water was flat calm until the wind came up around 11 then it blew hard. We got into a really good morning bite catching more than 150 fish but just keeping 50 nice blue, black, olive, brown, and red pacific snapper and two lingcod.

June 9 - Water was nice in the early morning then started to get some wind on it. Decided to skip salmon today and fish one of our offshore snapper spots and good thing we did. Fish were on fire! Early limits, plus crew limit, of big olives, blues, blacks, canary, brown and red pacific snapper. Salmon fishing seems to be pretty slow on the salmon grounds for the past few days.

June 8 - Flat water again and no wind. Summer is coming! The fish were a little less hungry today but we managed to bring home lots of olive, brown, blue, black and red pacific snapper today.

June 7 - Flat as a pancake today and no wind. Great fishing too with limits of quality olive, blue, black and red pacific snapper and one BIG lingcod.

June 4 - A bit of a lump on the water today but no wind so fishing was comfortable. Fish were off the bite. Brought home what we could including the biggest black I've ever seen. Nice job 13 year-old Ryan in bringing in the biggest black, 24 inches, seen around these parts for a long long time. It was bigger than our lingcod!

June 3 - Very nice day on the water and the fish were happy to see us. Throughout the morning a steady pick of blues, olives, blacks and big red pacific snapper and a couple lingcod.

May 31 - Flat calm water today so we headed out to the salmon grounds. Jigged up some sand dabs for backup bait in case we switched over to lingcod/halibut fishing later. Trolled around for about an hour with about a dozen whales and lots of birds but no salmon. Headed in to nearshore for rockcod and lingcod and came home with a couple really nice lingcod and 3/4 limits of blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper. Great Day!

May 30 - Nice fishing today with flat calm water and a gentle 5mph breeze. We started out a bit slow with a few fish nearshore then went out to South Rock and the fish were on fire! BIG olives today with some black, blue and brown pacific snapper mixed in.

May 29 - The high winds from last night stirred up the water for today and the fish were off the bite. Did manage to bring home nice blue, black and olive rockcod and one big lingcod.

May 28 Afternoon trip - Like yesterday the wind came up and it was a bit too bumpy to fish deep so stayed close to home and we were rewarded with blues, olives, brown, big black and big red pacific snapper.

May 28 Morning trip - Water was flat calm this morning and the fishing was a steady pick of quality olive, blue, big blacks, canary and big red pacific snapper and a couple lingcod.

May 27 Afternoon trip - Wind came up and made fishing pretty tough. We drifted our shoreline sweet spot for lingcod and rockcod but it was slow pick'ens.

May 27 Morning trip - Water was flat calm so we decided to head up the coast for groundfish. Not much going on so ended back up in Santa Cruz for near limits of blue, black, olive, canary, boccacio and red pacific snapper and a lingcod.

May 26 Afternoon trip - Beautiful afternoon fishing and the fish were waiting for us. Quality olive, brown, blue, black and red pacific snapper and lingcod.

May 26 Morning trip - Nice day today with 3/4 limits of quality canary, blue, black, olive and red pacific snapper and two lingcod.

May 25 - Been off the water for a few days and getting ready to jump back on the boat. We have beautiful weather forecasted for the next week. Tomorrow's swell is just one foot! Probably less than that. Really nice considering we typically have 5-6 foot swells. We're pretty booked up over the holiday weekend and following week but we will try our best to accommodate you. If we're full I may be able to squeeze you on to another boat that we work closely with. Please check our availability calendar before phoning/emailing to save yourself some time.

May 22 - Perfect water today. Flat as a pancake and no wind. The fishing was great too. Steady pick throughut the day for limits of quality brown, canary, blue, black, olive, copper and red pacific snapper.

May 21 - Nice fishing today. We were supposed to go for salmon but with the salmon bite so slow we wisely opted for fishing nearshore instead. Right from the get go we started loading up on big blacks and a lingcod. Things went quiet for a couple hours then when the wind arrived it was game on! Limits plus of quality blue, black, olive, canary pacific snapper.

May 20 - After a few nice days off we headed up to JURASSIC PARK for another try at the monsters. We hooked into a lot of lingcod... a lot... but only a handful made it in the boat. Water was a little lumpy, cold water (50 degrees) and the fog never let up. Came home with lot of nice canary, blue, olive, black and brown pacific snapper and lingcod and big smiles.

May 16 - Nice water again for the morning and the fishing was OUTSTANDING! Our usual spot wasn't producing so we decided to take a run up the coast and glad we did. Limited out on BIG blacks in about an hour then had blues and olive pacific snapper to top off the catch.

May 15 - Water was much nicer today for local snapper fishing and the fish were biting too! Nice quality blue, olive, canary and red pacific snapper today and one lingcod.

May 14 - Snapper fishing again and like yesterday the catching was slow for all boats. With the high winds for the past few days the water temps got knocked down a few degrees. Fish didn't like that much. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there and especially Terry who landed a nice lingcod today.

May 13 - Snapper fishing today and the catching was slow for all boats. With the high winds yesterday and today the water temps got knocked down a few degrees. Fish didn't like that much. Better weather forecasted for tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there.

May 12 - Yet another try at salmon and after an hour or so of no action, and no reports on the radio, we decided to move closer to shore and fish for rockcod. Good move! We nailed BIG reds, blue, black, olive and copper pacific snapper, one keeper lingcod and TWO halibut. Four of our anglers are active duty Navy. GO NAVY!

May 11 - Another salmon day but this time the fish weren't very active. We had three hookups of which two were too short and one got taken away by a sealion. Salmon catching was down for the whole fleet.

May 10 - Out for salmon today and it was a good day. Whales everywhere, water was flat calm and the fish were biting! Six hookups today of which three were too short (good news for future years), one was a no show and two big fish came home with us. Salmon fishing again tomorrow.

May 7 - Salmon fishing today after the big storm. Water was a little lumpy in the morning and quickly flattened out to a very nice day. So many whales today we had to drive around to avoid them. Salmon were a little shy today. We had four hookups of which two were too small to keep and a BIG one got away. Came home with a nice 15 pounder. Salmon catching was slow for the entire fleet today. Now that the storm's passed salmon catching whould be picking back up. The fish are here, just not biting much.

May 5 - Rockcod trip today but with the weather forecast predicting big wind we decided to stay local. Fish were shy today but we did manage 1/2 limits of nice black, olive, blue and red pacific snapper. We even trolled for salmon for a bit. Bad weather tomorrow so not fishing again until Sunday (weather permitting).

May 4 - Tried for salmon for a couple hours then after no action and no radio chatter we opted to go nearshore. Came home with 1/2 limits of quality pacific snapper including eight reds to four pounds.

May 2 - Salmon fishing was slow for most boats today. Probably the slowest day this season. Look for the bite to turn back on within a day or two. The fish are here they're just not biting.

May 1 - Salmon fishing today and boy was it good! The bait and whales were everywhere and so were the salmon. Brought home five BIG salmon and hooked into many more. One that we never got to see was a monster! Salmon fishing again tomorrow.

April 30 Afternoon trip - Tried to get back to where we left off this morning but the wind was up and the bigger waves prevented us from venturing too far offshore. Fished some of our close to shore spots and we found lots of canary, blue, black and olive pacific snapper. Fishing for salmon tomorrow. The salmon are biting good.

April 30 Morning trip - Fishing local for lingcod and rockcod today and wow, it was on fire! Big blue, black, olive, red, canary and yellowtail pacific snapper and 7 lingcod!

April 29 - Water was pretty nice again but the salmon were off their bite again. Not many fish caught throughout the fleet today. Rumor some fish are showing up near Monterey. If it's true they should be within reach by tomorrow.

April 28 - Weather was pretty nice in the morning and after an hour or so of no salmon catching we picked up and headed down to Moss for another spot to try. Immediately got hit with a nice 16 pounder then within five minutes got another fish then everything went quiet... for the rest of the day! Great whale show and dolphin show and two nice salmon for the day.

April 27 - Weather has come in and the water was lumpy with some wind. Salmon are scattered and off the bite.

April 26 - Beautiful morning and afternoon with flat calm seas again and zero wind until we came home. The salmon were on fire today! I mean they were red hot! We hooked into about 19 salmon of which four were too short, three no shows and five got away and seven salmon to 17 pounds came home with us! Had a couple doubles and one triple. Great time and great fishing.

April 23 - Nice morning with flat seas and whales all around. Eight hookups today and brought home three salmon to 17 pounds. Wind came up early.

April 22 - Jurassic Park today and what a great ride up to the island. Flat calm water. Unfortunately the fish were still shy from the swell that hammered the shorline all week. We got some nice lings, blue, olive, black and red pacific snapper. Just not as many as we expected.

April 21 - Gorgeous weather and water today and the salmon were hot! Lots of whale and bird action and of course salmon action. We hooked into at least a dozen fish and kept only the biggest seven. 15 year-old Han got his first salmon ever and I think the young man is hooked! The salmon bite continues to be strong and now that the bait balls are here the salmon should be sticking around through the end of the season. Season ends July 15th.

April 20 - Water was flat calm all day but the rockfish were a bit slow on the bite. Took a while but we finished up with limits of quality canary, olive, blue and black pacific snapper.

April 18 - Salmon bite is going pretty good now and should be steady for at least the next few weeks. We only have a few remaining open dates in April so if you want to get in on the salmon action now would be a good time to sign up. The April dates available are April 20, 21 and 25th. Weather forecast is good for the next week.

April 17 - Got in on the salmon bite down south and it was fish on right from the get go. Nice quality salmon to 16 pounds for everyone. A lot of salmon have come into the Bay.

April 15 Afternoon trip - Wind came up so water was a bit bumpy. Since we did real good this morninng we went back to the same spot and WHAM! We started hauling in big canary, olive, blue, black and six BIG red pacific snapper with four lingcod to 15 pounds.

April 15 Morning trip - Water was really nice and was clear skies. Fish were hungry too. Nailed nice blue, olive and red pacific snapper and one nice lingcod.

April 14 - Not so nice water and weather today and the salmon catching was off today as was the snapper bite.

April 13 - Weather and water were nice today and the salmon are still in the area. Had nine hookups today but only two in the box. Lost five salmon to sealions and two were shorties.

April 11 - First hour we had a little wind, a couple sprinkles, cold weather and the fish were slow to bite. After another hour it became sunny, the wind died, it was like 70 degrees and the fish went on a wide-open bite... a MEGABITE! It was crazy fishing for a couple hours. We hooked well over 100 fish but only kept the best 67 blue pacifc snapper and two lings to 15 pounds. It was 11 year-old Sage's birthday and she waited a couple years to finally get her dream fishing trip. Happy Birthday Sage! (Way to go mom and dad too!)

April 9 - Much better weather today and much better salmon bite too. Putted around for an hour or so and when the tide changed it was game on. Had at least ten stikes and got six nice salmon to 17 pounds in the boat. Great day of fishing. We ended the day with a double hookup for Vince and Josh.

April 8 - Headed out to the salmon grounds late. Very late... missed the bite. Right from the get go we hooked into a fish. Hooked into five fish of which two were shakers (too small) and one no show and two nice king salmon in the box. Salmon fishing again tomorrow.

April 7 - No fishing today due to weather. Salmon fishing has improved over the past few days from one to two fish per person. Fish vary from seven to 22 pounds.

April 6 - Nearshore trip again and we started at the place we left off yesterday. With the storm approaching it seems the closer fish weren't very active so we went further offshore for a try. Good thing we did. Immediately birthday boy 16 year-old Reily landed a BIG blue pacific snapper then it was a steady pick of canary, red, blue and olive snapper throughout the day. Mom bagged the biggest red pacific snapper and Reily brought in two lingcod. One was just a wee bit short and had to go back to grow. Limits for all and perfect weather.

April 5 - Headed out for the rockcod (snapper) and lingcod grounds today with Barbara The Brave and her four teenage grandkids! What a blast! Talk about getting four kids real focused on the outdoors. A whale then a sealion then catching 100 fish sure does the trick. Kept the best 60 fish then Barbara schooled the kids by bringing in the only keeper lingcod. Limits for all and perfect weather.

April 4 - Great to be salmon fishing again. Weather was perfect and the whales were around to entertain us. Started out slow then we got bit but it was a no show. A little while later had a big one on and after a long battle we got the 16 pounder in the boat. Ten minutes later a monster hit and it was game on for 14 year-old Colby. Colby won. The 19 pound salmon ended up in the cooler. Then another fish got on but didn't stay on for long. Then things got real quiet for the next three hours of trolling.

April 2 - Another try at salmon with much better weather. Trolled around for a couple hours with another 20 boats then when low tide hit it was game on! Hooked up our first fish and lost it. Within 20 minutes we hooked up again and this time it made it in the boat. Ten minutes later hooked up again. One more fish 40 minutes later. Came home with three nice salmon between 14 and 19 pounds. Great group and another boat full of happy campers!

April 1 - It's opening day for BOTH salmon and pacific snapper (rockcod) & lingcod so we have options! Today the weather was a bit windy and the water had a big lump to it. Not the most comfortable water to fish in but we managed. Tried salmon for a couple hours out at the hole but no bites. Radio was quiet too so not a lot of salmon catching going on anywhere. Group decided to switch over to nearshore fishing and try our luck at pacific snapper and we got 'em! Brought home over half limits including the now legal canary rockcod. Happy campers.

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