Meat Run

This is the best of the best. We travel 25 miles to Ano Nuevo Island (Jurassic Park) then after catching limits of lings and rockfih we move another ten miles up the coast to Pigeon Point for salmon trolling. Why you ask? That's where the fish are and after July 2nd salmon season is only open from Pigeon Point and northwards. If the salmon don't seem to be biting then we will focus on tuna, bonita or halibut. This is what we call a Meat Run.

You will want to bring plenty of coolers and ice. Two BIG coolers and 100+ pounds of ice ought to get you back home. Bring plenty of eats and water (and drinks) and maybe even layered clothes.

This is an all day'er. Trips will start out usually around 6AM and will take all day with the goal of returning by 6PM. There may be a delay getting back but don't worry we have all the night driving equipment and we have two Captain's to get you back safe and sound. Coast Guard regulations require two Captain's on board for any trips on the water over 12 hours.

Please look:

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